Requiem & Simon McCorry: Public; Domain

From Washington, DC, Requiem is an experimental duo by Tristan Welch (guitar, electronics) and Douglas Kallmeyer (bass, electronics, production) which focuses on an atmospheric amalgamation of genres, including ambient, neo-classical, drone, post rock and film music. The project's new album, Joy; Division, comes in collaboration with cellist Simon McCorry from the UK, and like their acclaimed recent release, Critical; Mass, this one is also a captivating listen.

Sounding both menacing and majestic, the nine-minute piece Public; Domain reflects current times' uncertainty and general apocalyptic feel, introducing an entire album made from attributes of ominousness and potency, while the instrumental mastery is quite prominent. An equally strong visual comes with the song, created by invisible plan with footage shot by Simon McCorry.

Joy; Division is out now through Woodford Halse Records.

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