Palm Squirrel: Blamalan

For their third release on Baby Satan Records, Berlin noise rockers, Palm Squirrel, combine their abrasive sound with lo-fi aesthetics in a video created by the band themselves.

While Palm Squirrel prepare for more releases scheduled to arrive by the end of the year, Blamalan hits hard and bursts with punk rock eccentricity.

Band members and the video creators, Jason and Matthew, comment: "The video was filmed on a DV film camera. A lot of the effects are down to faults with the camera when too much volume was picked up by the microphone. We decided to keep it as it was fitted so well aesthetically. The film medium and green screen were trying to reference 90’s MTV, a parody of a parody, very postmodern.

Blamalan is a standalone track, as the other recordings which would have composed an entire EP, were destroyed in a ritual burning.

Band photo courtesy of Baby Satan Records

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