Kraków Loves Adana: Dream House

Deniz Çiçek, producer and creator of the wistful combination of dreampop and synthpop as Kraków Loves Adana, perceives Follow The Voice, the band's upcoming album, as something that exists in a parallel realm to that of Darkest Dreams, their acclaimed previous full length from 2020.

Kraków Loves Adana reveal another lush synthpop piece, Dream House, and enter the world of animation for the first time with the accompanying video, created by Swedish animation studio Hannes & Johannes.

Dream House is the byproduct of a daydream I had last fall and describes me abandoning my usual habitat, stepping out into the unknown but leaving a vital piece of my soul behind. The song’s outlines emerged in less than an hour and over time evolved into the synth pop piece it is now,” Çiçek explains.

After falling out with their previous record label, Kraków Loves Adana bounced back by releasing one of 2020's finest album, and now continue their path in a thoroughly creative and imaginative manner. 

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