Fine Place: It's Your House

A new band by a pair of usual suspects comes courtesy of Glasgow's Night School Records. From Brooklyn, Fine Place are Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls) and Matthew Hord (Running, Pop. 1280, Brandy), and they deliver a poised take on electronic dreampop which nods to the eighties, the dark pop sound of 4AD and bands like Cocteau Twins.

"The sound we were going for was an attempt to capture the dystopian feel of New York during a period of desertion by the wealthy," Fine Place comment on their upcoming album, This New Heaven. "It was produced in a time-frame saturated in both uncertainty and serenity, and the soundscapes we created felt fitting and almost organic as a response to our surroundings. The title also reflects this in an arguably literal, maybe even satirical way."

It's Your House introduces the duo's sound and the impending full length in an atmospheric manner, with airy synths and soft vocals taking the lead.

The duo say of the track: "It's Your House is one of the more vibrant yet vulnerable moments on the record; more of a building and dissipating feeling of bliss and uncertainty, centered around the concept of comfort and possession, holding your surroundings up to expectation and falling victim to pattern and routine."

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