Death Hags: Alice

A very nice surprise comes courtesy of both fans of the Halloween season and the prolific creativity of LA musician Death Hags. The Alice Tape is a compilation tape centered on the artist's cover of The Sisters of Mercy's Alice.

"I wanted to do a cover of Alice by Sisters of Mercy this Halloween and I ended up putting together a whole tape around it, with new tracks and a few classics that have not been released on tape," Lola G. aka Death Hags explains, and continues to detail the release as "a dreamy otherworldly soundtrack to the Season of the Witch featuring new tracks and crowd favorites that had not been released on tape.

True to the dark sound of the goth rock classic, this fresh rendition of Alice is more straightforward punk rock compared to the artist's customary sound, and one more exercise through which Death Hags exhibits her versatility as a creator.

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