bdrmm: Port

Following one of 2020's strongest shoegaze releases, Hull's bdrmm continue their rising path, this time with an as yet standalone single which definitely seems to be in the right direction for band. Port is a dark slowcore/shoegazer which goes through distinct ways of experimentation, intensity and distortion. Essentially, it's one of bdrmm's strongest pieces up to this point.

"I think a lot of the music going forward will be a lot, not darker, but coming from a much deeper place than the first album," explains singer and guitarist Ryan Smith, citing influence from Suuns and Portishead’s Machine Gun for this song whose title refers to the latter, but also means ‘any port in a storm’, conveying the idea of someone willing to use anything for contentment when in a bad situation.

"Port was written at the height of addiction," the artist continues. "It comes from a place where you know you need to change but feel that you can’t. I wish I could come up with some profound meaning for what this track means, or what it is, but I’d just be lying. I was in a difficult place, and this was the end result."

"I think we’re looking to be delving more into soundscapes," Smith concludes, as the band is preparing to start working on another album. "I am so excited to embrace the next chapter of bdrmm. It’s been a fucking tough ride, but one I never want to get off."

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