WILDLI: Lobster

Emergent dreampop artist, WILDLI, creates pure indie bedroom pop of the atmospheric kind, with a penchant for alluring melody, well rounded instrumentals and soft vocals. WILDLI released the first single, Whole, last year, quickly followed by the EP, This Moon Is Never Full, and now continues in the same dreamlike path with the new single, Lobster.

The mesmeric new track is essentially a love song themed on the idea of taking the next big step in connection to falling either in or out of love. 

WILDLI unfolds: "The name was originally 'After the Lobster Dinner', meaning it describes the thoughts of 'What happens after we're done with this fancy dinner date?'. It's of the wondering of what happens next, waiting for it eagerly and absolutely terrified at the same time. The entire song was produced independently in my bedroom studio, influenced by dreampop artists such as The Marias and Beach House."

Also bringing to mind genre staples like Julee Cruise and Cocteau Twins, WILDLI gives the impression of an artist with a solid grasp of dreampop's aesthetics and sounds, with the ability to stabilize classicality and experimentation in an apt manner.


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