Time For Dreams: Outside the Citadel

Amanda Roff and Tom Carlyon prepare for their sophomore album, Life of the Inhabitant, with their experimental project, Time For Dreams. The quite moody and propulsive new track Outside the Citadel, is the latest single off the upcoming full length, and the track which brings the album to an impressive conclusion

Amanda Roff unfolds: “A track dedicated to the feeling created by a night out of extremely deliberate, finely researched hedonism. A night that goes perfectly to plan but also includes the unimaginable, spontaneous elements that kick it up into the realm of the immortal nights. A night that goes for days, from which you emerge haggard but unbowed, spiritually refreshed, the cares of the previous era put into such a radical perspective that you can’t really remember why they were cares in the first place.

Outside the Citadel finds the forward thinking duo reaching the boundaries of trip hop, and still carrying particulars from their inherently dark nature. The track comes with a music video created by Sara Retallick.

Life of the Inhabitant will be following Time For Dreams 2017 debut, In Time, and it comes out on September 17th, 2021 through It Records.

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