The Silver: Breathe

Breathe is the bleak new single by new band, The Silver, including members of Horrendous and Crypt Sermon. The group's debut full length, Ward of Roses, comes out on October 15th, 2021 via Gilead Media. 

The band's own Matt Knox comments on the new track: "Breathe is an ode to the martyrs who’ve entered our lives-both those we’ve sought, and those who were, by chance, given to us. It’s about the pain of knowing that what they’ve sacrificed for you can never be returned, and that despite your best efforts, you are powerless to save them. Musically, Breathe circulates between hazy/faded nostalgic dreamscapes and the raw sufferings of one's most private Golgotha, evoking all the while the monuments we all build in the name of pain."

Distressing vocally, with noticeable instrumental strength and intensity, the new track goes through different kinds of metal extremes, while it also lays bare the band's propensity for something much more sentimental and romanticized, all of which place the sound of The Silver firmly within the bounds of goth.

Artist photo by Scott Kinkade

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