Sofa: Arclight

Constellation Records veterans, Sofa, will be unveiling a visual series for all seven tracks on LP#2 of their new double album, Source Crossfire. All clips were made by the band's vocalist and multi-media artist, Brad Todd, and feature video diptychs created from his collection of nineties handheld footage.

Arclight is the lead video in the series, going along with a visceral song of incredible sharpness and intensity. Todd's stark visuals become a faultless accompaniment to the music's rawness, as Sofa's ingenuity keeps on giving and compelling many years after the material's initial inception. 

The entirety of Source Crossfire is an exciting ride which goes through a number of styles, with Sofa asserting their title as a champion of contemporary genre mixture in underground music.

Photo by Nora Ben Sadoune, 1997


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