PaprTape: Lyra

PaprTape (previously PaperTape) is the artist moniker of composer and producer Tony Yang, 楊伯翊 (Yáng•bó•yì) who creates music exploring numerous styles and techniques. Lyra, named after the analog synthesizer, is the project's newest single; an immersive, richly atmospheric cut which idealizes the love for sound and music, and cites inspiration from Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood for Love.

"I only have 8 notes on this synth, yet I find that I can go on forever with these 8 notes and create variations and phrasing by simply modulating the sound," the artist comments.

The track is the exemplification of a single-take analog recording, with everything captured perfectly in the captivating, beautifully shot and produced video which accompanies the music.

Ambiences from drone, neo-classical and experimental electronica create vivid images which the artist parallelizes to the idea of forbidden love and past relationships, as each musical phrase feels familiar, yet, different each time, resembling human's nature tendency to repeat its flaws in a uniform manner.

Photo courtesy of PaprTape

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