Kraków Loves Adana: Follow The Voice

Always engaging and bringers of well crafted sounds and good aesthetics, Kraków Loves Adana will be following their excellent previous album, Darkest Dreams, with new full length, Follow the Voice. As expected, the album's title track is a terrific piece of well expressed, melancholic synthpop, and it comes with a beautiful clip directed by the band in collaboration with director of photography Philip Jestädt and additional art design by Hannes & Johannes.

Deniz Cicek comments on the new single, unveiling its origin: "Follow The Voice is back! And with it comes an album announcement. This song has been cursed from the start. We had to shoot the video twice. The release was postponed multiple times. In the end it became a song I never expected or wanted it to be. And then it was deleted from the world. Today, I am breaking this curse - the original version of Follow The Voice is out at last - a song that obviously developed a life of its own. And even though it disappeared for a while, its essence was always with me."

Follow The Voice - the album, will be out on November 12th, 2021.

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