D//E Premiere: Fragrance.: Covered In Gold

French producer Matthieu Roche unveils a new chapter of his synthpop project Fragrance. Covered In Gold is part of the artist's upcoming sophomore album, Salt Water, which he co-produced with Sophia Hamadi (aka S.Diamah, half of French duo Opale) who also provides vocals on the new single.

Covered In Gold is a dreamlike endeavor along the lines of Fragrance.'s airy sound, driven by soft vocals, pulsating rhythms and meticulous production. The song comes with a distinguished video featuring the arresting choreography, direction and performance by Russian dancer, Emphis, which becomes a compatible counterpart to the music's mood.

Salt Water will be released on November 5th, 2021, on French label Synth Religion.


Artist photo by Jennifer Medina

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