ZAHN: Aykroyd

Berlin's experimental noise rock trio, ZAHN, reveal another part of their upcoming self titled debut. The album releases on August 20th, 2021 through Crazysane Records, and the single, Aykroyd, is a bluesy instrumental rocker which takes alternative heavy rock back to its fundamental principles.

Admittedly, Aykroyd has nothing to do with the popular actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd, but according to the band it's "just a word that looks and sounds cool."

The track's steady pounding rhythms and slow riffs are accompanied by saxophonist Sofia Salvo's contribution which grants the song a sense of disruptive, yet, accordant contrast to the steadiness which ZAHN bring.

Aykroyd comes with a psychedelic visual interpretation through the very well made animated clip by Dimitris Armenakis, in which edibles and animals chase each other, resulting to some very strange feeding relationships.

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