The Joy Formidable: Sevier

In present circumstances there don't seem to be many eminent acts from those occupied in the more broadly accepted angle of indie rock. The Joy Formidable are a bright exception, hence the unpretentiousness and the high level of quality of the long series of singles and videos the band put out ahead of their commendable new album, Into The Blue.

On the same day when the album is being released, The Joy Formidable have one more piece to showcase separately.

Ritzy Bryan says of Sevier, the new single and video: "The river Sevier runs 385 miles through Utah - close to where I live. It’s a metaphor for love and it’s journey. Are you staying in it, following it through all the seasons, cutting through mountains and canyons through all the hardships, or cutting (severing) loose? We loved the idea of water being a main element in the performance video; the churn of the waves against the calm of still water."

Photo by The Joy Formidable


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