Sunnbrella: Pauline

London-based songwriter David Zbirka returns with his shoegaze pop project, Sunnbrella, and delivers a dreamlike power pop single which pays tribute to Eric Rhomer’s 1983 film, Pauline At The Beach.

The late eighties/nineties alternative rock aesthetics and character of the song start at the semi-abstract cover art and move to the songwriting's directness, consisting an all around memorable, and pretty densely structured piece of indie pop impeccability.

Zbirka explains: “We went through a few different versions of this song. By the time we landed on the final arrangement, the old lyrics didn’t fit the vibe anymore and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. When I got home from the studio that night, I decided to watch Pauline At The Beach on a whim and when I finished it, I sat down and wrote the new lyrics based on the characters in the film. It felt good not to write from personal experience for a change. The film is about the collision of childhood innocence with adult lies and about how age doesn’t guarantee wisdom. I tried to get these themes across in the lyrics as well.

Mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios, Pauline sees Sunnbrella having gone a long way since their early bedroom pop origins.

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