Sex Park: Obligation

Portland's Sex Park have earned the commendation of their local darkwave/post punk scene since their formation in 2015 for very good reason. The band have obviously evolved in a very cunning and gripping manner since then, and they'll be releasing their new album in 2022 through Dowd Records. The first single off it, Rose Absolute, was unveiled last year, and it's now followed by the terrific Obligation, a driving number paired to the fine visuals of Neu Caligula.

Jangly guitars, glimmering synths and crafty electronics come together in an error-free combination of minimal synthpop and biting post punk, with an eerie underlying feel and an dominant sense of elevation.

Sex Park’s upcoming full length record is promising to see the band exploring more undiscovered territories and disparate musical styles. The album is produced and recorded by Jeremy Wilkins (We Are Parasols).

Sex Park are composed of founding members Daniel Blumenthal (lyrics, vocals, keyboards) and Paul Burkhart (drum programming, synthesizers), together with guitarist Colin Buckley.

Band photo courtesy of Dowd Records

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