Plattenbau: Crime / Scéne

Crime / Scéne is the second single from Plattenbau’s upcoming album Shape / Shifting, expected out through Dedstrange. Following the moody Hollywood, the new track is another example of the band's nocturnal post punk, and this time around the atmosphere they achieve is even more nightmarish and deranged.

Crime / Scéne is a successful attempt to capture the psyche of a killer. Through Lynchian references and an unhinged mental make-up, it substantiates how picturesque and stirring the band can be with such a perturbing subject matter, while musically Plattenbau once more stun on all fronts.

Again, the band's own Lewis Lloyd also signs the accompanying video, and obviously gets the hang of the music's darkness in a notably natural manner, with David Lynch's shadow present.

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