Luxury Furniture Store: Myoclonic Fall

While we're living in a time when massive amounts of mediocrity have rolled up into the ball of mess which makes up today's popular culture, while at the same time pretension and artificiality keep gatecrashing the underground, there are some acts which seem to be getting less than they deserve. For now, newcomers Luxury Furniture Store fall into the latter category, but what the band have to offer is undoubtedly very promising.

Based in Las Vegas the fresh act brings forth a very nice blend of shoegaze, post punk and atmospherics, citing influence from The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ariel Pink and Sonic Youth. They work toward the release of their upcoming debut album, Bedrot, from which Myoclonic Fall is the latest single.

An expressive piece of dark, ethereal shoegaze, the new track is themed on the experience of sleep paralysis and myoclonic jerks, and it easily communicates the discomfort and fright which come with those. The song's overall psychedelic alt rock feel brings to mind The Cure's early nineties/Wish era, and it keeps the listener gripped.

Luxury Furniture Store consist of Will Kim (vocals, guitar), Julian West (bass), Holly Haywood (synth) and Dylan Hoover (drums). 

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