A veteran act, and at the same time a kind of an underappreciated obscurity in the world of post punk, KALTFRONT were founded in 1986 and toured throughout the German Democratic Republic. Two of the band's members left the GDR in the period before Germany's reunification, and their concert with Die Toten Hosen in the summer of 1990 looked like it was going to be the last the world would see of them. During their short first run KALTFRONT released more than ten cassettes.

KALTFRONT reunited in 2005 and they have remained active ever since. New track, Spiegel, introduces their upcoming album of the same name, and it finds the band thoroughly invigorated, conveying a lot of energy through a sharp-edged, temperamental and rather heavy twist on post punk and guitar-laden alternative rock.

For those unfamiliar with the band's previous offerings, Spiegel can be an accurate presentation of the band's dynamic sound and grit.

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