Fotocrime: So So Low

Heart Of Crime, the third Fotocrime full length is imminent, and off it one more engaging single has just been unveiled, together with a beautiful video of astonishing aquatic visuals.

Ryan Patterson comments on So So Low: "Possibly my favorite and the most personal song on Heart of Crime, So So Low was written as I was dealing with grief and guilt after a close family member died. He was visiting me in my dreams, I was reading books and listening to records he left behind, and as I say in the song, grief felt like an anchor that could have drowned me. The video puts that figurative feeling into a literal setting, as I sink underwater with my guitar. The dichotomy of So So Low is that it’s one of the catchiest and most pop-based on the album. I suppose I’m often trying to mine pop from pain."

Heart of Crime comes out on August 27th, 2021 via Profound Lore Records.

Photo by Amber Thieneman

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