Fehlt: Withdrawal

Although broadly in the same vicinity with British post punk legends, Felt, fresh German quintet Fehlt verify that their name has nothing to do with the older band. Singer and songwriter Ewan Barr explains: "I was experimenting with phrases I had written down for potential track titles, one of which was Fehlt. It’s a rough German translation of ‘The Missing’, taken from a personal favourite Deerhunter track. It just stood out as a name that would sit coherently with the sonics and artwork for the band."

Withdrawal is Fehlt's second single ahead off their debut EP, Figure Two, expected on September 17th, 2021 via Clue Records. For this one they cite influence from the sci-fi novels that Ewan took in during the pandemic. The artist comments: "The track began as a much slower demo titled Serotonin. But when I rewrote it, I was watching a documentary on the effects of recklessly prescribing antidepressants to young adults; how the lack of money invested in mental health services by the government means that GPs don’t have much choice because waiting lists are so long. Medication is seen as a quick fix, generally without the risks of withdrawal symptoms being discussed."

The forthcoming six-track EP was produced and mixed by Barr together with his fellow band member Ben Udin, and mastered by Slowdive’s Simon Scott.


Band photo by Cerise Dorothy

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