D//E Premiere: Tristan Welch: Ascending I (Open)

Ascending I (Open) is part of Tristan Welch's upcoming three-song EP created for an arthouse magazine called Symposeum, done in collaboration with visual artist Steve Loya. Titled Ascending (Recovery), the EP releases on August 27th, 2021.

This marks the second time Welch and Loya collaborate, following Chromesthesia Chronicles from August 2020. Symposeum approached the two artists for inclusion in their second issue, with "recovery" being the entire project's theme. After Loya created the paintings and named the series Ascending, Welch based the music on the art, and along with his own experience in recovery, he wrote the three tracks for the issue.

Tristan brings his own titles next to Steve's vision for the Ascending series, subtitling the three tracks with the words Open, Willing and Honest accordingly, in his own way chronicling the stages toward the idea of "recovery". Ascending I (Open) is a calm and brooding piece which sets the listeners for what feels like the essence of recuperation, making the whole notion seem attainable, yet, twisted; beginning with acceptance and working the way toward the actual healing.

A very inventive guitarist, Tristan Welch manages to enrapture his audience only by way of his instrumental means, coming forth with a wide range of emotions while staying close to his minimalistic approach.

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