Average Life Complaints: Wealth Gap

With a time-honored, yet, freshened take on acute post punk, Brixton-based quartet, Average Life Complaints, emerge, unveiling their sharp debut single, Wealth Gap. Pulling obvious inspiration from genre classics like Talking Heads, The Teardrop Explodes and Gang Of Four, the band come forth with something forceful and vibrant, with strong focus on the lyrics.

Frontman Charlie Weight describes his band's debut single: "The lyrics discuss the unrealistic standards of wealth and beauty that can be seen today across social media and how these standards affect both people’s mental health and our society as a whole."

Average Life Complaints formed amidst the pandemic upsurge at the beginning of the year. Weight calls the group's formation "a mutual hatred of and shared anxiety about the way modern society is heading and the way in which it functions." From the first sounds of it, skepticism and uneasiness seem to be attributed deep seated in the band's essence.

Average Life Complaints are Charlie Weight (lead vocals, guitar), Albert Dury (bass), Louis Bramwells (guitar, vocals) and George Greenhalgh (drums).


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