Violet Silhouette: There's No Way Out

Their recent debut EP, SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION, has made fairly obvious how Florida-based band Violet Silhouette has been one of the freshest voices in contemporary gothic pop and darkwave. Only a few months after the EP's release, the band return with There's No Way Out, a compelling standalone single, and its accompanying lyric video.

The band comment on their new song and visual: "The song is about the ambiguity of digital love and the hidden mechanisms that draw us together through technology and vice. So we thought it would be interesting to take a more organic approach to a lyric video and invited some friends to make it happen. The priestess figure felt perfect to the idea of the 'hidden mechanisms' and the sonic rituals that have always been a part of human culture."

Another home run for the emerging band, the dark synthpop of There's No Way Out verifies that there is consideration and consistency in what Violet Silhouette do, and that what lies ahead for them has to be exciting, to say the least.

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