Plattenbau: Hollywood

The newest addition to the rapidly evolving catalog of the freshly founded Dedstrange is Berlin's Plattenbau, a band formed in 2011, having shared stages with Idles, Preoccupations, Flasher, The Garden, La Luz, and Naomi Punk. Hollywood is the first single by Plattenbau off their sophomore album, Shape / Shifting, expected out in Fall 2021. 

Dark and gloomy, still, quite fun, the new song is themed on the overabundance and the cruelty of an erratic world,. Hollywood achieves strong immersion through its smart combination of noise pop and post punk on the strength of its stately synths and dominant electronics, and it can be rather memorable in all its severity.

"Welcome to the Plattenbau club, come in for some sweaty wall-banging group therapy under strobe lights," the salute. "The video represents the safe space of the club, the concert - where we can all connect on an intuitive level, interact with mutual respect and transform our shadows in darkness, through movement, into light."

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