No Romance: Unfold

Berlin band No Romance follow a trilogy of standalone singles from 2020 with the very dynamic synthpop winner, Unfold, the title track of the band's coming EP which releases in its entirety on August 20th, 2021.

A three and a half-minute piece of relentless, driving and danceable post punk, Unfold finds the rising band utilizing the most out of their time in lockdown, sounding more consummate than ever. 

Unfold is about reconnecting with oneself, one's body, and the newfound energy that comes whilst re-emerging from a breakup,” reveals vocalist Lucy Holliday.

No Romance formed in 2019 by UK born Lucy Holliday and New Zealanders Isaac Hickey and Joel Ivan Thomas, pulling central influences from new wave, as well as post punk and shoegaze, resulting in a sound which hooks quite easily. 

Unfold was recorded in Berlin by Barak Shem-Tov and Paria Kadir, later produced and mixed in New Zealand by Nick Roughan (Skeptics), and mastered by Amelia Berry (Amamelia, Babyteeth, Polyester). 


Cover art by Harriet Davey.

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