Mildred Maude: Trevena

Cornwall three-piece, Mildred Maude, deliver an improvisational take on gazey, atmospheric noise rock, and they have already made a strong impression for their live presence. The band have played shows alongside Gwenno, Bonnacons of Doom, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, and opened for The Fall at one of Mark E. Smith’s last gigs. They recently signed with Sonic Cathedral, and their new track, the ten-minute standout, Trevena, is their first release for the label.

"Trevena was the first thing we recorded in this session," says drummer Louie Newlands. "It was just supposed to be a warm-up, really, so Lee played the bassline from a gig we’d done in Tywardreath the night before and Matt had just come up with a new guitar tuning and was getting a feel for it, but it turned out good, so we kept it. We named it after our lovely friend Chris Trevena who comes to most of our gigs and recording sessions to document our activities with photos. He also ended up making the video for this song."

Trevena is a terrific noisy shoegazer which undeniably verges on post rock by way of its tone, lengthiness and structure. It's ten enjoyable minutes which fly by like a breeze, while they make clear Mildred Maude's evident, multilayered elaboration.

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