Forever Strange: Spend All My Money

Columbus, Ohio-based psychedelic garage pop project, Forever Strange, has just released an 11-track self titled debut, all evident of an inherent kind of energy and a lot of potential. Forever Strange began as a lo-fi solo act in 2019, but eventually evolved to a three-piece for the new album which feels quite better realized.

Vibrant psych garage rocker, Spend All My Money, comes with a DIY video, shot, edited, and produced via Go-Pro and a dirt bike. 

"This song is about continuing to put everything into making music and art despite seeing the people who were once your peers move on to focus on other things," comments songwriter Stefan Doke. "Realizing that 30 is still young and an arbitrary breaking point - just because so many who started down the same path years ago have called it quits doesn't mean that I have to."

Forever Strange are Stefan Doke (writing, vocals, guitars, synth, aux percussion), Marko Skugor (bass) and Mike Ortiz (drums).

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