D//E Premiere: Strange Unit: Turbulence

Australian heavy noise rockers bring up a very engaging mixture of all encompassing heavy rock, including elements from hardcore, garage rock and stoner metal, among other ingredients.

"If there was a musical Bermuda Triangle in Australia...Strange Unit would be right in the middle..." the band remarks, building up the esotericism and mystery of their hard hitting, gritty rock 'n' roll. They continue describing their new track: "TURBULENCE is a short-sharp-shock Dadaist exposition on the life lived through social media and the reality of not living a life in the real world. 'A Taste of Turbulence' is the need for a physical smack in the face, during a time where battles are fought from the armchair. Read a book or have a wank instead," they say, concluding by parallelizing the track to Chuck Palahnuik's Fight Club.

Strange Unit initially began as a solo project, and eventually evolved into a fully fledged act, with a dynamic, realized, and overall notably muscly sound. The band return one year after their previous EP, Nail, Meet Hammer.

The relentless two-minute punchiness of Turbulence comes with a visually noisy, psychedelic clip, shot by Patrick Callow at Pivot City Music, in the band's hometown, Geelong, Victoria. It streams for the first time ever right below.

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