D//E Premiere: salo: Dispel

One of the most pleasant parts of putting together our compilation, A Growing Scarcity of Expectation, these past few months, was getting to sample early tracks by some of the sincerest acts in today's underground music. salo's Dispel is an immediate knockout for many reasons, the most important of which are the artist's evident commitment to the actual music, the elevated awareness of aesthetics, and the sweet and fine balance between songful and unconventional creative ways. All in all, Dispel, is a fantastic track which now comes with a fine, DIY-made, LA-style visual.

"Dispel is a song in brief about letting go, about surrendering to the etheric propulsion of life and it's constants," explains Tim Iserman, the creative force behind salo.

"The video was an amazing experience  putting together," Tim continues, commenting on the new visual. "Dispel is comprised of lifted bits and pieces of over three hours of footage that was shot on an old super eight camcorder on a recent visit to LA. I bummed around for 2 weeks or so with a few friends and quite often by design on my own (my dear friend Ian lent me his bike) and just collected as many little gems as I could. LA is beautiful and wild and full of beautiful and wild hearts that I am beyond humbled and aglow to have connected with.

"In effect the video is a glitchy montage of cityscape, urban ephemera spirited, random chance and transient moments of love in myriad abstraction. I can only hope that it captures a fraction of the sweetness of the city and its resident angels. It is an homage to life and friendship."

Dispel was revealed to the world for the first time on July 2nd, 2021 through A Growing Scarcity of Expectation, and its matching visual streams for the first time ever right below.

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