Daniel Hart: One Year Hence

Daniel Hart’s provides the score for the upcoming A24 film, The Green Knight, blurring the lines and balancing expertly between the worlds of medieval and contemporary music. First single off it, One Year Hence, is an experimental dark piece, abundant in imposing, heavy synths, and emphasized by disparate choral passages.

Hart comments on the track: "The synth which enters halfway through One Year Hence was the bulk of the demo, with some recorders and vocals layered on top in a couple places, much like the music which ended up in the film. David placed a version of that demo in the beheading scene first and liked it, and then I began to refine it, keeping the synth as its core. I had created that sound after just messing around on the Prophet for a couple hours, within the first week of taking it out of the box. I took notes on what I was doing, because I was so happy with it, and felt like I'd want to come back to it later on."

Hart has frequently worked with David Lowery on Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon, The Old Man & the Gun, and another prominent A24 film, 2017's A Ghost Story

The Green Knight comes out in theaters on July 30th, 2021 from A24, and Daniel Hart's score arrives on the same day through Milan Records.


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