Cuneiform: Unmake

With a genre-challenging mindset, a firm tendency toward exploration and irregularity, and lifting elements from diverse styles like seventies art rock, post punk, shoegaze and industrial, New York's Cuneiform prepare for the release of their new album. Reverse comes out on September 24th, 2021, and it is introduced with first single, Unmake, featuring Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum.

Themed on substance abuse, Unmake also explores "life’s all-too-familiar cycle of indulge; regret; repeat." Richly produced and based on propulsive musicality and an industrial rock propensity, the new track showcases a good deal of Cuneiform innovativeness, and lays bare the upcoming record's impetus.

Cuneiform are composed of vocalist and producer Sam Tyndall, guitarist Adam De Rosa, and drummer Spencer Kiss.

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