The Uptights: Quit Jazz

Norwegian noise rock/shoegaze band, The Uptights, carry out their return with the release of their super gritty, lo-fi album, It is for them that the lights twinkle, recorded to cassette between 2012 and 2016, and released through Keepsecretrecords.

The album's entirety is full of noisy, dark, unconventional genre mixture which ranges from deconstructed shoegaze, raw, frank garage rock and a lot of impulsive experimentation, not unlike what the band artfully attempted through their first cassette, At the W├Ârthersee Hotel, ten years ago, but with the sense of cohesion being more perspicuous this time.

Another album peak, Quit Jazz, is an exemplification of boisterous musicality done right, while the oddness of its instrumentation, involving trombones, is downright coruscating.

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