The Third Sound: Your Love Is Evol

The Third Sound is the Berlin-based project lead by Icelandic musician and The Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist, Hákon Aðalsteinsson. The band will be releasing their fifth album, First Light, on August 27th, 2021 on Fuzz Club Records, and they have introduced it with the single and video, Your Love Is Evol.

The follow up to 2018’s All Tomorrow’s Shadows, the new album is expected to be trailing a more uplifting direction of the band's sound, still, it isn't devoid of dark moments such as its first offering which presents The Third Sound in a fully somber mood.

Commenting on the new single Hakon describes it as a song about “a deceptive love in any shape or form, one that lures you in and before you know it you have lost your way.” Regarding the Twin Peaks-inspired visual which comes with it, Hakon says it's “a simple portrayal of an after-hours gathering that escalates into beautiful madness, as commonly seen here in Berlin.

Once again the band's merger of neo-psychedelia and post punk is ideal, and the result persuades with ease.

Alongside Hakon Aðalsteinsson The Third Sound are rounded out by Robin Hughes (guitar, organ), Fred Sunesen (drums) and Andreas Miranda (bass).

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