The City Gates: The Pyre / Le Silence

Very well placed in the dark post punk scene, Canadian band, The City Gates, have shared stages with bands like Trisomie 21, Actors, The Foreign Resort, Nothing and The Veldt among many others. The band have recently released their new album, Age of Resilience, their own imprint Velouria Recordz in collaboration with Icy Cold Records. New single, The Pyre, comes paired to a nice video, straightforward and consistent with the music's aesthetics, directed by Laurine Haddock.

Over the past two years, we, as a band, have had to deal with a lot of things: death, divorce, mental issues”, bassist Jean talks about the new album and its sources of inspiration. “We can add to that the contemporary social turmoil. Then, the Trump presidency, this worldwide pandemic, and the fact that we, band members, are not young adults anymore. In a sort of way, our fighting rebellious days are long behind us. You get what for us represents our age of resilience.

With a pulsating sound and a dark feel which invites comparison to Joy Division, The Chameleons and The Sound among more of the finest of guitar-driven darkwave, The City Gates follow their previous album, Forever Orbiter, from 2018, with a very well realized set of songs. 

The Pyre brings about the intense melancholy of the band's essence, emerging absolutely denotative of their dark mannerism, while another album highlight, Le Silence, redoubles their coldwave attributes by being their first song sung in French.

Age of Resilience also includes three of the band’s singles released throughout 2019 and 2020; Cape of Good Hope, Siegfried 1969 (feat.Vlimmer) and Roman Empire.

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