syrup, go on: Lavender Sky

Two years after the well received Last Light, Gold Coast dreampop band, syrup, go on, return with Lavender Sky, the first example off the band's new material which eventually will lead to release of their sophomore album through 4000 Records.

With an interesting approach to the instrumentation and its production technique, the track uses elements and influence from contemporary styles such as hyperpop, while it remains level-headed through an earthier and plainer way of songwriting. 

"The song shares the feeling of new-found freedom and rediscovered autonomy," the band's statement reads. "Lavender Sky provides pause, highlighting and acknowledging that even the most simple experiences, such as admiring the sunset and sharing intimate moments with friends, should not be taken for granted."

Lavender Sky was produced by the band's own, Tom Briese, with drums engineered and tracked by Keelan Sanders at Bedlam studios. 

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