Symbolism: Iced Out / Figurative Theatre (Symbolized)

New band, Symbolism, carries a lot of dark punk weight on its shoulder. The band is composed of veterans Rikk Agnew on guitar (Adolescents, Christian Death, DI), James McGearty on bass (Christian Death, Dark Age), London May on drums (Samhain, Tiger Army, Son Of Sam), and they're rounded out by lead vocalist Devix who joined in 2019, a year after the group's initial conception.

The band comes forth with a very punchy, expectable take on raw gothic rock, deathrock and gritty punk, and their recordings are engineered and mastered by Bill Metoyer (Slayer, D.R.I), and produced by Vice Cooler (Peaches, LadyTron).

New single Iced Out sounds as dark and coarse as anyone would have expected based on the band's history, and it even verges on rough melodic metal from the late seventies, taking some perceptible cues from NWOBHM. As the band certainly delivers on every level, it seems fair to assume that there's much to anticipate from the dark rock of this new, yet, experienced act.

Symbolism have also revisited a goth classic, Christian Death's Figurative Theatre, originally on the masterpiece of an album,  Only Theatre of Pain from 1982. The new rendition comes bearing powerful energy and communicating utmost reverence for Rozz Williams' groundbreaking vision, while it also puts across Symbolism's excitement for what they do and have to offer. 

The release is expected to show up in DSPs in the coming couple of weeks.

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