Qyburn: Bridget

Qyburn has been an enigmatic presence in the world of underground post punk. In very short time the solo project helmed by the LA-based musician has come up with material worth of four albums, bringing together a group of dark styles, from eighties-tinged darkwave to shoegaze, synthpop and new age sounds.

Wax Mask is the latest full length by Qyburn, with album opener and lead single, Bridget, defining the all around gloom that can be found in the prolific musician's artistry.

"This song was inspired by Bridget Bishop—one of the first victims of the Salem Witch Trials," Qyburn details. "It tells the story of her natural beauty and aura, and how that scared those around her. A tragic story, which has now become legend."

If that pace is kept, we'll be certainly have more to enjoy from the darkness Qyburn has to offer in the near future. Meanwhile there's already more than enough to discover over at the artist's Bandcamp.

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