Ov Pain: Daytripping

Composed of Tim Player and  Renee Barrance, Dunedin/Melbourne experimental darkwave duo, Ov Pain, come forth with an intricate dark sound of post punk, shoegaze, psychedelic and art rock properties akin to Coil, Swans, Psychic TV and more analogously tough to pin down avantgardistic acts. The band's coming sophomore album, The Churning Blue of Noon, will be out in August 2021 through It Records, and the rather somber and exploratory Daytripping is a mesmeric introduction to the apt mixture of darkwave, shoegaze and drone sound which the band engenders.

Daytripping is probably the most straightforward song we'd written for a while,” Tim Player describes. “If my memory serves me correctly I think we wrote everything, save the vocal /lyrics, on the spot. It just came out more or less fully formed. I think we were both revved up about trying to write a little banger that could sit beside G.A.M.S. or Mars or This Heat's Repeat. Starting with a snare-less rock beat we add layer after layer. Renee's vocals are at some kind of career-best here. Similarly, Renee's synth work (though it can be and is a lot freer elsewhere) renders the post-punk image vivid and complete. I like playing this song because it was an experiment to make a thing out of percussion beyond simply a timekeeping instrument while at the same time keeping some tight timing. Being quite an unnatural drummer this was a fair test of those relevant skills.” 

Perfect to draw one into Ov Pain's intricateness, Daytripping is a largely engaging listen which incites further anticipation for the duo's full length.

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