No Exits: Modernized

Los Angeles duo, No Exits, attempt to go beyond the conventional bounds and tropes of darkwave, and they succeed by mingling components from post punk, synthpop and experimental electronica into something unordinary. The band's new track, Modernized, is a heavy electronic piece with a new wave impulse which shows the band's growth clear as day.

The new track follows the band's self-titled EP from last year, and it shines through the existential temperament of its poetic and very much stinging lyrics, while it also pulls in the listener by way of its instrumental resonance. 

In their brief path thus far No Exits have shown nothing but signs of ingenuity and creative ability, and it's fair to anticipate a copious future for their next endeavors.

Band photo by Alejandro Restrepo
Single art by Nick Demopoulos
Single cover layout by Collin Schupman

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