Lore City: I Am the One

The second single off Participation Mystique, the new album by dark, genre-challenging art rock act, Lore City, is I Am The One, a solemn piece with a ceremonial feel similar to its predecessor, I Know You Know, but with a different general approach. 

This time around the band turn on the ethereal and illusive qualities of what makes their craft unconventional, and point up their dark/gothic effect. Minimal but far from thin instrumentally, I Am The One, abounds with wistfulness, and although it bears a title which could be misinterpreted as egocentric, the song is exemplar lament of humble poetic lyricism. 

"The new single is a cerebral elegy cascading with surrender," Lore City remark, while they present another fine fusion of post punk, dreampop, post rock and psychedelia.

Participation Mystique releases on July 23rd, 2021.

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