Hallan: Reruns

Monitoring the remarkable evolution of British sardonic post punks, Hallan, has been an exciting affair, mostly because the band manage to consistently bring forth their artful excitement as writers and performers, even though their subject matter is steadily grounded on contemporary times' mundanity.

Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor has been shaping up impressively to become a pretty solid EP, and the newest offering off it, Reruns, is another caustic cut, using metaphors based on modern life's infatuation with television.

Frontman Conor Clements comments on the band's new single: "I like to think that between the four of us, there’s not a thing we haven't had a crack at during our 'year of self betterment'. And thus over the last year we have become experts on the mundane. We know the things you're meant to enjoy are not the pleasures they may seem, and we know for certain you'll get more joy out of watching a watermelon being crushed by a hydraulic press at 30,000 frames per second (at 2AM), than you ever will sweating on an exercise bike. Reruns embraces the mundane and we like to think the track is us finding our true calling as self-titled 'preachers of mundanity'."

The new EP is scheduled to arrive on July 16th, 2021 via Nice Swan Records.

Band photo by Karl Bailey

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