Foxxxy Mulder: Pity

Quickly after Disgraceless, the first single off their coming EP, Controlled Collapse, Foxxxy Mulder reveal another part of the new material, in the form of new single and video, Pity, continuing from where they left things with the darker direction of their genre amalgamating sound.

Pity is paired to another video created by the duo's own, Kori Hensell, and like its predecessor it comes with an industrial feel, only this time the mood is glummer, and patently more atmospheric.

Foxxxy Muldern is the creative project if Chapel Hill's Kori Hensell and Seattle's David Kumler. Controlled Collapse comes out in its six-song entirety on June 4th, 2021 via Deathrage Collective.

Band photo courtesy of Foxxxy Mulder

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