Corduroy: 237 dagar

Early on, even with their first single releases and their debut album being still freshly out, Swedish band Corduroy have left the impression of a very focused act, rapt in what they do.

The band parallelize their surroundings at Norrköping with the environment set by the factories in Manchester, UK, and accordingly their sound correlates to the big city's alternative scene and history. Consequently, Corduroy's songs convey a certain kind of bleakness which comes with a touch of peculiar familiarity.

Another album highlight, 237 dagar, is natural of the band's dreamlike type of indie rock, with the reverb and the resonant guitars put to pristine use.

"The feeling of not being home in your hometown and the city lights doesn’t shine for you," they say, describing their music. "The only things you can rely on are your friends, the music and the local bar."

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