Coalfalls: Stone

Coming from Ipswich, Queensland, instrumental three-piece, Coalfalls, offer a heavy and expressive take on shoegaze and post punk, verging on post rock territories. The band has joined the roster of Brisbane label 4000 Records, and have just released their fine three-track EP, Pieces, recorded live at The Barn Recording Studios in Plainland.

"Coalfalls are one of those bands whose sound completely burrows under my skin and into my blood," says John Russell of 4000 Records. "Their sound is an amalgam of many of my favourite aspects of music, the hook-ladened bass lines of post punk, the motorik drum work of early ‘70s krautrock and the wall-of-sound guitar architecture of post rock and shoegaze. This is immense music and offers something new and exciting with each listen."

Opening track, Stone, is a driving number which feels heftier and more massive than its four and a half-minute duration, as the band's evident aptness unfolds leaving a pretty lasting impression.

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