Astari Nite: Pocket Full of Posies

Although flowers resent Astari Nite, audiences into goth-bent post punk don't, as it's very easy to be smitten with the band's romanticized take on their genre, and their themes of love and attachment. On their new track, Pocket Full of Posies, Astari Nite serve their darkness mixed with noticeable hints of hopefulness.

The band's own, Mychael, speaks of the new video which comes with the song: "Once videographer Freyja Lilith heard the track, a sense of urgency set in as she knew it would only be fitting to allow her to capture the imaginary friend played by 'Lisle Von Cristaux' and I. In all honesty, the center of attention during the short film was to show this person that does not really exist. She was never really there at all and for some of us, all we have is playing pretend or the art of imagining. 'It seems in life we are only allowed a few hellos before goodbye sounds more appropriate and curiosity never killed the cat.'"

Pocket Full of Posies started as a jingle by co-producer David Grinder, and was also based on a poem Mychael wrote after a show Astari Nite played in London a few years ago. The single is out now through Negative Gain.

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