Annihilus: Draw The Beast

Annihilus is the black metal project of Chicago-based musician, Luca Cimarusti, which released a fine album of demo recordings in 2019, accordingly titled MMXIX, followed by the strong full length, Ghanima. Annihilus returns with new full length, Follow a Song From the Sky, coming out on August 13th, 2021 through Jesse Draxler and Greg Puciato's imprint, Federal Prisoner.

"Our intent with FP has always been to release other’s material as well as our own, it was just a matter of letting that happen organically rather than through force," Draxler comments. "I was listening to a lot of Ghanima over the winter and through an Instagram share Luca and I began talking. When he told me he was working on an album that he’d like for us to consider my interest was piqued because I knew it would be the kind of fresh and understatedly genre-subversive material we could get behind. After listening to FASFTS many times over I can say that intuition wasn’t wrong. We couldn’t be more psyched to rep this release."

First single, Draw the Beast, is a fiery piece of black metal effectiveness on which Cimarusti is joined by guest vocalist, Ryan Wichmann.

"This song features lead vocals in the verses by Ryan Wichmann of Chicago grindcore band Sick/Tired, and he also wrote the lyrics, which are based on Barry Windsor-Smith's 1991 Weapon X comic series," describes Cimarusti . "The end of the track also features heavy synth drones by electronic composer Brett Naucke.

Michael Vallera directed the accompanying video for which Cimarusti says: "I think Vallera's music video really captures the energy and chaos of the story here—claustrophobic, frantic, overwhelming dread caused by being trapped in confined spaces with something meaner and more powerful than you."

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