Year Of No Light: Réalgar

Heavy post rock act, Year Of No Light, are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band with a release of a brand new album and a comprehensive vinyl box set which will include their five studio albums, several split EPs, and the collaboration with Belgian composer Dirk Serries from the Live At Roadburn recordings.

Consolamentum will be the esteemed French band's new album, expected out July 2nd, 2021 via Pelagic Records, and introduced with the dazzling 11-minute cut, Réalgar, and it's very engaging accompanying video written and directed by Corentin Schieb, Mathias Averty and Célia Le Goaziou.

The new album lifts its title from a term used to describe the sacrament, the initiation ritual of the Catharic Church, which flourished in Southern Europe during the 12th - 14th century.

"There's a thread running through all of our albums," the band describe in a joint statement, "an exploration of the sensitive world that obeys a certain telos, first fantasized (Nord) and reverberated (Ausserwelt), then declaimed as a warning (Tocsin). The deeper we dig, the more the motifs we have to unveil appear to us. Yes, it's a bit gnostic. This album is invoked after the Tocsin, it's the epiphany of the Fall."

Réalgar is YONL at their most collected, and as inspired as always, matching the heights of their emotionality with equal volume of energy and heaviness, keep raising their way as of the finest in the genre. 

"It’s more a matter of sonic devotion," they describe the band's 20-year development. "Music against modern times. Year Of No Light is above all a praxis. We wanted intensity, trance, climax and threat, all of them embedded in a bipolar and mournful ethos."

Band photo courtesy of Pelagic Records

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