Totally Slow: Dead Skater

Forthright punk rockers, Totally Slow, will be releasing their third album, Casual Drag, through Refresh Records on June 4th, 2021, and off it they reveal a second single and video for the track Dead Skater.

"Dead Skater was a name I tossed onto a riff demo and then found myself writing lyrics around because I liked the way it hit," says the band's guitarist and vocalist, Scott Hicks. "Beating myself up for complaining when everything's ok, and wondering if I'll look back and keep hating myself about it when my time's up. We tip-toe around surf licks without fully leaning in. That's how I learned to play guitar - somewhere between my dad's Ventures LPs and then later drawing lines around that sound and the Agent Orange and DK cassettes getting passed around on the school bus."

Another warm blooded and hard hitting hardcore punk cut, Dead Skater brings forth Totally Slow's speediness, their solidity and commitment to the punk rock rudiments, and it comes with a plain video of analogous ardor.


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